Here at Texco Construction, safety is of paramount importance. All of our procedures and policies are specifically designed to prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and clients, as we believe that a safe workplace is critical for a successful work environment.

Similarly, Texco is dedicated to promoting an environmentally sustainable approach to every aspect of our business. As such, our environmental management systems are designed to protect the landscapes we work in, and we support a wide range of environmental initiatives both on site and in the office.

In line with these values, Texco is proud to hold the following certifications:

Health & Safety

Our Ethos

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of our culture, and this starts with our rigorous standards of health and safety. Our directors and senior management team are passionate about providing a safe and supportive work environment for our staff, contractors and visitors, and this translates to all levels of the business.

Their proactive focus sets a strong example, creating a culture of accountability and encouraging behaviour that protects not just the physical, but the mental and social wellbeing of our team.

Our Policies & Procedures

Our robust health and safety systems are tailored for the unique risk profile of our business operations. To ensure they serve the people they are protecting, policies and procedures are workshopped collaboratively with staff members from all departments. All staff are required to participate in in-house training programs and external courses to ensure they develop the skills necessary to uphold our safety standards. We encourage our people to speak up and raise concerns in any situation. Furthermore, we constantly review emerging trends and technology to ensure we are operating at the forefront of workplace health and safety.