Texco is a specialist industrial Design and Construct (D&C) partner. Our business has been built to deliver industry-leading facilities for Australia’s most prominent industrial REITs, developers and owner-occupiers.

Having delivered over 1,900,000 square meters of industrial facilities, the majority for repeat clients, we have proven to be a reliable, highly competent and trusted D&C partner.

With Practical Completion achieved last week, we’re excited to share completion photography of the @plasdeneglasspak brand new State-of-the-Art Distribution Centre and Packaging Plaza Showroom in Mickleham.

Experts in rigid glass and plastic packaging products the Mickleham showroom will be the 7th and largest of the Plasdene national network with over 10,000 SKUs available – from single serve jam jars to specialty wine bottles all the way through to industrial jerry cans.

An Australian, family-owned business, the Pearson family have been heavily involved throughout the construction of the facility and we've thoroughly enjoyed playing our part in their continued growth and success.

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Massive congrats to the winners of this years 2023 @vafahq @williambuck_anz Premier Men's team @collegiansfc who we were proud to once again sponsor.

It's been a massive year for a number of the Texco team with another great season in the books from the Captains of both @skob_fc and @oldscotchfc as well as plenty of participants in both this league and other leagues across Victoria in the office.

We'll miss the smell of deep heat wafting through the office on a Monday as we turn our attention to Summer pursuits.

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The guest list certainly isn’t getting any smaller as we hosted over 150 Texco team members and partners at this year’s Victorian Mid(ish) Year dinner earlier in the month!

One of the great nights in the Texco social calendar, the Victorian Mid Year dinner has always been a great opportunity for the Texco community to come together and let their collective hair down, and this year was no exception.

With 2024 shaping up to be an even bigger year than 2023, we’re already looking forward to booking an extra couple of tables to accommodate the ever-expanding team.

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The team has recently put the finishing touches on the first of four prime industrial facilities at the 50,000sqm metre Agar Stage 4 development, with the remaining three buildings quickly approaching completion.

We've been working in tandem with @lendlease, @emkc288 and Spargo Property, throughout construction and are pleased to be reaching the final stages of the build.

Now fully tenanted, there is a diverse tenant mix in play at Agar with recently announced tenants @kuehnenagel joining freight forwarding agents Henning Harders, transit-packaging providers Signode, digital accessory experts @cygnett and freight managers Xpress Freight Management.

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We're fast approaching the final stages of construction at Cadence Property Group and Centuria Capital Group 45,000+sqm M80 Connect Industrial Estate.

Consisting of three buildings, with the potential to be split into five individual tenancies, the spaces range from 3,351sqm all the way through to 21,994sqm.

Located within the heart of Melbourne’s Northern Industrial market, we’re looking forward to welcoming future tenants into this A-Grade industrial estate and sharing completion photography in the coming weeks.

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Works have commenced and steel-erection well-underway in the next stage of construction at LOGOS’ 40,000sqm speculative development, 90 Palmers, in Truganina, Victoria.

With steel a little over halfway complete, and pre-cast panels also going in, we’re excited to share further site progress in the coming weeks as we continue to work closely with LOGOS to assist in welcoming a tenant into this A-grade industrial space.

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The roof is on, external works nearly complete and internal works well-progressed, at LOGOS' and @daimlertruck_ag Australia's 20,000sqm warehouse facility within the Truganina Logistics Estate.

While it might not be the most glamourous component of a new build, it’s an exciting milestone none the less with the roof on enabling the team to shift its focus to internal works in the coming weeks.

Great to see this building continue to progress towards completion and another opportunity for us to play our part assisting LOGOS to secure a fantastic tenant.

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Works on the final 31,677sqm piece of GPT’s six-stage (140,000+sqm) Gateway Industrial Estate are progressing nicely, with roofing and cladding nearing completion!

Partnering with GPT to deliver the first stage, all the way through to this sixth and final stage, of this A-grade industrial estate has been a really rewarding experience, especially seeing tenants make their way into their new facilities.

Targeting a 5 Star Green Star Rating, and the flexibility to be split into two tenancies, we look forward to welcoming future tenants into the facility and sharing the final set of completion photography for the estate later this year.

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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting members of the @plasdeneglasspak team at their soon to be completed State-of-the-Art Distribution Centre and Packaging Plaza Showroom, spanning 10,000sqm, in Mickleham.

An Australian, family-owned business, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience for the Delivery Team to work with a private client who is so invested in the decisions that are being made and celebrating the wins, big and small, as the build has progressed.

As the finishing touches are made we're looking forward to achieving practical completion, sharing completion photography and playing our small part in the continued success of this proud, family-owned business.

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It’s a pleasure to once again partner with long-term client LOGOS to construct its 40,000sqm speculative development, 90 Palmers, within the Palmers Logistics Estate.

This appointment is an exciting addition to the circa 1,000,000sqm of speculatively constructed facilities we’ve delivered in partnership with some of Australia’s leading developers.

We’re looking forward to working closely with LOGOS to deliver this new facility that will target a 5 Star Green Star Rating.

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Great to see the roof going on and works progressing at a rapid pace at this 27,560sqm development, made up of @nationaltilesau (20,710sqm) and a speculative development (6,850 sqm) in Canvas West, Tarneit.

This project is the third opportunity we’ve had to partner with Frasers Property Industrial within the estate, with construction completed, or underway, on over 120,000sqm to-date.

Working closely with Frasers Property Industrial we look forward to welcoming National Tiles, and a future tenant into the speculative portion of the development, at project completion.

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And that’s a wrap with works now complete on the first operational industrial facility (31,000sqm) within Melbourne Business Park for our long-term client, Stockland.

Constructed speculatively, and designed to achieve a 5 Star Green Star Rating, it will be exciting to see the Business Park spring to-life as the building welcomes its future tenant, and neighbouring buildings, into the 260-hectare industrial estate.

Congratulations to the Project, Site team, and Stockland on this significant milestone!

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Congratulation to and @mccormick_aus who recently ticked off an important milestone for McCormick’s head office and state-of-the-art Technical Innovation Centre (completed in 2022) receiving certification as a 5 Star Green Star Design & As Built v1.3 Rating!

To achieve the certification, the Head Office:

- Incorporates a 600 kW solar PV system, which will offset the full annual base building energy consumption of the building.

- Captures 92,800 L of rainwater storage reducing potable water consumption by approximately 85% when compared to standard practice.

- A healthy indoor environment provided through the use of low toxic materials and high fresh air rates, quality construction verification demonstrated through the completion of air tightness testing on the office / TIC.

The McCormick head office is just one of the 22 projects we have been involved with, which are either targeting, or have been certified, to achieve a 5 Green Star Rating.

In addition to its impressive green credentials, the façade is also a standout aspect of this impressive facility, cleverly designed by @watsonyoungarchitects.

Congratulations to McCormick, Goodman and Moorabin Airport Corporation on the certification, and a shout out to the Project Team and Sustainable Development Consultants, who enabled us to play our part in this significant achievement!

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A 45,000+sqm project with multiple warehouses and tenancies to deliver in Campbellfield Victoria, works at Cadence Property Group and Centuria Capital Group’s M80 Connect are absolutely flying along.

Roofing cross the three buildings is well-over halfway complete with precast and cladding following closely behind and at various stages of completion across the three buildings.

Made up of five individual tenancies, ranging in size from 3,351sqm all the way through to 21,994sqm, there are still limited opportunities to secure a lease within this A-Grade industrial estate.

Excited to share the next stage of this project as the buildings are sealed and become weather-tight.

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Friday knock-offs, but make it fancy.

It was no surprise that one of our most well-attended annual events – the Texco Wine and Cheese Night – was a massive hit, with the team from @MrClaremontWines on hand to take us through some of Europe’s finest reds, whites and bubblies.

A special thank you to the Claremont Wines team who were incredibly patient, knowledgeable and generous with their time (and pouring) and for their efforts to refine palates more accustomed to a Peroni Red than a Pyrenees Pinot.

Works on the second of two buildings, 27,000sqm combined, constructed in partnership with Charter Hall at their Minto Logistics Hub in New South Wales are now complete, with Practical Completion achieved earlier this month.

With this stage of the development fully-leased, we would like to congratulate Charter Hall on their efforts in securing exceptional tenants for the estate and would also like to welcome those tenants into their new facilities.

A massive congratulations to the delivery and site team, as well as Project Managers Tactical Group for their hard work throughout the project.

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With the roof installed, and walls up, works are nearing completion at @plasdeneglasspak ‘s state-of-the-art Distribution Centre and Packaging Plaza Showroom facility in Mickleham.

Set to become the largest of the 7-branch strong National Plasdene network, there will be plenty of space to show off (and store) a selection of the over 10,000 SKUs Plasdene offers to its clients.

An absolute pleasure to have partnered with this 100% family-owned Australian business on this exciting new chapter for them and we look forward to handing over the keys in the coming months.

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Work on LOGOS' and Daimler Truck's 20,000sqm warehouse facility within the Truganina Logistics Estate continues to truck along with steelwork and roofing works recently completed.

We’re accustomed to seeing Daimler Truck vehicles loading and unloading within our completed warehouses, so it is nice to play our part in developing and expanding its supply chain and network.

An impressive facility, we look forward to sharing completion photography of the project in the coming months.

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Strange to have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image represented on the same site, at the same time, but thanks to the unique nature of the 50,000sqm meter Agar Stage 4 development, that’s exactly what we have!

Roofing continues to progress West to East along the 4 warehouses within Stage 4, with the final roof going up over the coming month.

Works are progressing at a really good pace and we look forward to playing our part in the delivery of this project, along with

@lendlease, @emkc288 and Spargo Property, as we prepare to welcome tenants into this industrial estate.

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The team is starting to put the finishing touches on the exterior of Stockland’s 31,000 sqm Lot 45 project, located in their Melbourne Business Park development in Mt Atkinson.

With works rapidly progressing on the interior, it will only be a matter of weeks before we’re able to share completion photography and celebrate the opening of the first completed industrial facility within this fast-growing estate.

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